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“More Quad-Cities communities are detecting dangerous chemicals in the drinking water.

Buffalo, Iowa, is the latest to alert residents after they were found in recent water tests.

Scientists say no amount of PFAS is safe.

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows they cause cancer and a number of diseases.

Besides drinking water, other common sources include fire retardants and some household products.

Earlier this summer TV6 Investigates talked to experts about PFAS in water supplies.

Iowa DNR water expert Corey McCoid said some of the health risks include increased diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, increased cancers, and altered metabolism.

What’s that mean for Buffalo residents?

For one contaminant, Buffalo’s water tested at 8 parts per trillion – below previous EPA standards of 70. But new guidelines are close to zero.

DNR water expert Corey McCoid said as more information is learned about PFAS, the ‘safe’ level is lowered.

‘And so, you know, as they’ve learned more information, they’ve reduced the concentrations of these, you know, based on health effects that they’ve studied.’

While Buffalo’s tests appear to be high, they’re not that higher than metro levels.

The metro Quad-Cities is testing for PFAS at the expense of 3M Cordova. The EPA says the company has discharged PFAS upriver from the metro for years.

Meanwhile, Buffalo gets its water from a 405-foot deep well. Since treatments are expensive, other communities Buffalo’s size often drill a second well to dilute the compounds.

That’s what happened in Comanche, for example.

Buffalo has told its residents to use filters or contact their health care providers if they have questions.”