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“A lawsuit against Chemours and DuPont is moving forward after a federal judge granted class action certification to over 100,000 North Carolina residents.

According to Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, the residents ‘allege that The Chemours Company (Chemours) and DuPont Chemical (DuPont) illegally discharged toxic wastewater containing PFAS and GenX chemicals, aka ‘forever chemicals,’ from its Fayetteville Works plant into the Cape Fear River, failed to inform residents, failed to inform government officials after learning of its damaging impacts, and continued these harmful practices for decades. The plaintiffs claim that they unknowingly consumed drinking water contaminated with these chemicals, that they now suffer from and face the risk of serious health problems, and that Chemours and DuPont should pay the cost of eliminating the contamination of these PFAS chemicals from their homes.’

The class certification was granted by United States District Judge James Dever III on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

‘The class action was first brought in 2017 in the Eastern District of North Carolina,’ the announcement states. ‘In 2018, Cohen Milstein and Susman Godfrey were court appointed Interim Co-Lead Class Counsel.

‘Since filing the case, Cohen Milstein and Susman Godfrey have provided information to DEQ in support of the development and enforcement of the consent order while seeking additional relief through the class action.’

This lawsuit against Chemours and DuPont joins other cases focusing on the contamination of the Cape Fear River.

Earlier this year, Chemours, DuPont and Corteva agreed to a more than a billion-dollar settlement amid complaints they polluted drinking water across the country. Additionally, in March, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority filed a lawsuit to prevent Chemours, DuPont and related companies from restructuring to avoid liability for damage caused by PFAS at the Fayetteville Works plant.

The full order can be accessed here. More information about Cohen Milstein, including the class action case, can be found here.”