The PFAS Project Lab

Studying Social, Scientific, and Political Factors of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

Additional Resources – Get the Facts

PFAS Resources and Information

PFAS Exchange 

PFAS Exchange: What Are PFAS? 

PFAS Exchange Resources: 

PFAS-REACH Children’s Health Study

Other PFAS-Focused Organizations 

Environmental Working Group (EWG): PFAS Chemicals

URI Sources, Transport, Exposure & Effects of PFAS (STEEP)

Green Science Policy Institute (GSPI): PFAS

Information on Industrial Polluters

The Science on PFAS: Rebuttal to 3M’s Claims

EWG Analysis: Suspected Industrial Dischargers of PFAS


JD Supra: PFAS State-by-State Drinking Water Regulations 

Fact Sheets 

PFAS and Artificial Turf Fact Sheet

PFAS Central: PFAS-Free Products

Safer States’ Fact Sheet for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

PFAS Fact Sheet for Affected Communities from Boston University Superfund Research Program

Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC): PFAS Fact Sheets

Green Science Policy Institute (GSPI) Consumers’ Guide to Highly Fluorinated Chemicals

CSWAB Fact Sheet: Recognizing the Potential for PFAS at OB/OD Munitions Disposal Sites 

Informational Videos 

GSPI Highly Fluorinated Chemicals Overview  

California Department of Toxic Substances Control PFAS  

Toxic Free Future Packaged in Pollution 

PFAS in Food Packaging 

Take out Toxics: PFAS Chemicals in Food Packaging

Packaged in Pollution: Are food chains using PFAS in food packaging?

Potentially Hazardous Chemicals Are Found in Fast-Food Packaging

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