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Studying Social, Scientific, and Political Factors of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

2022 Third National PFAS Conference

The 3rd National PFAS Conference took place on June 15-17 in Wilmington, North Carolina where we discussed PFAS developments from the previous three years. This gathering brought together research, community, and legislative perspectives to discuss how best to address PFAS contamination.

At this conference, we…

  • Highlighted local community perspectives and global impacts of PFAS
  • Continued collaborative conversations that bring together cutting-edge scientific discoveries with complex social and political contexts of impacted communities that are often marginalized and underserved
  • Identified the best methods to share findings and ensure ongoing communication between researchers, PFAS sectors, and impacted communities
  • Shared information and resources to respond to the needs identified by impacted communities and other diverse PFAS sectors
  • Strengthened existing collaborations and established new ones between scientists, communities, political and public sectors to encourage coordinated and solution-based approaches to prevent future PFAS contamination and exposure-related health risks

Presentation recordings and slides from the conference can be found here

Conference Steering Committee Members:

Carolyn Mattingly, NC State University

Andrea Amico, Testing for Pease/National PFAS Contamination Coalition

Phil Brown, Northeastern University

Grace Campbell, NC State University

Courtney Carignan, Michigan State University

Dana Colihan, Slingshot/National PFAS Contamination CoalitionAlissa Cordner, Whitman College, PFAS Project Lab at Northeastern

Emily Donovan, Clean Cape Fear/National PFAS Contamination Coalition

Sue Fenton, NTP/NIEHS

Philippe Grandjean, Harvard University

Hope Grosse, BuxMont Coalition for Safer Water/National PFAS Contamination Coalition

Denise Hall, NC State University

Jane Hoppin, NC State University

Detlef Knappe, NC State University

Rainer Lohmann, University of Rhode Island

Katlyn May, NC State University

Laurel Schaider, Silent Spring

Hosted by BuxMont Coaltion for Safer Water, Cape Fear River Watch, Clean Cape Fear, Community Action Works, Harvard University, Michigan State University, NAACP, NC Department of Health and Human Services, NC State University, North Carolina Coastal Federation, Northeastern University, NTP/NIEHS, Silent Spring Institute, Testing for Pease, University of Rhode Island, ISEPA, and Whitman College

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