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“Freeport is a small industrial city of 24,000 in northwest Illinois. For a price tag of $13 million, it’s building a new water system to tap deep into new, uncontaminated water sources.

‘The most important room is the filter room,’ said Rob Boyer, Freeport public works director, while visiting the construction site. ‘It is designed to produce approximately 2 million gallons per day of potable drinking water.’ 

Boyer says when the ‘enormous’ project is completed sometime in 2023, the city’s drinking water will be entirely free of so-called forever chemicals.

‘This is critical to life and health issues in the city and for its residents, and that’s why it’s prioritized,’ Boyer said, noting that there’s no contamination in the source water where the new well and plant are being built.

About 10 years ago, the EPA found high levels of forever chemicals in two wells that produced about a third of Freeport’s drinking water.” …