The destruction of PFAS contaminants is a complex issue that many decision-makers across the country are wrestling with. The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues (AAAS EPI Center) invites you to the public webinar: Advances in PFAS Destruction on October 4, 2022 from 2-4 PM ET. Expert panelists will share the scientific evidence related to current and emerging technologies on PFAS destruction to support decision-makers in their state or community. Following presentations and a panel discussion, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.


  • Max Krause, U.S. EPA – PFAS destruction methods including super critical water oxidation and electrochemical oxidation
  • Paul Lemieux, U.S. EPA – PFAS destruction of solid matter including incineration, pyrolytic processes, and other thermal treatments
  • Michelle Crimi, Clarkson University – Emerging approaches to PFAS destruction including through plasma treatment

Register here and please direct questions to the AAAS EPI Center at