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“The Department of Defense said it has evidence of PFAS contamination in the groundwater and soil of the Maine Air National Guard Base in Bangor. The likely source is Aqueous Film Forming Foam, a fire retardant the Air National Guard started using at the base in the 1970s.

Jenna Laube, Environmental Restoration Program Manager with the U.S. Air Force, said the next steps are to determine the full extend of the contamination and the best approach for cleanup.

‘We collect more samples to see where it is and how deep it is, what it’s near. Then we test feasibility of excavation or pump and treat, or whatever scientifically might work,’ Laube said.

Laube said the results of these next steps will prioritize which sites are cleaned up first. The Air Force is also investigating potential PFAS contamination at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone.” …