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“PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality announced last week that it will allocate $3 million in Safe Drinking Water Act funds to test public water systems for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

PFAS are man-made chemicals with fire-retardant properties used for carpet and textiles, food packaging and other industrial needs. Drinking water can expose people to these chemicals which can lead to negative health effects over time, according to a press release.

‘Sampling all public water systems is critical to understanding where PFAS is so that steps can be taken to reduce people’s exposure to PFAS in drinking water and to connect affected public water systems to funding sources to achieve solutions,’ ADEQ Water Quality Division Director Trevor Baggiore said in the release.

As of last week, testing had detected PFAS in 56 public water systems. ADEQ has worked with 13 of them to resolve the issue.

Solutions include installing a PFAS treatment unit, turning off an impacted well so long as other wells are in production and implementing in-home point-of-use water treatment systems, according to the release.” …