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“WOBURN, MA — The city of Woburn recently noted a water bottle filling station and a series of planned water rebates as it experiences a ‘small uptick’ in the amount of PFAS chemicals detected in city water.

The water bottle filling station is located at the Woburn Senior Center at 144 School Street in Woburn. Rebates will be available to anyone in a ‘sensitive population,’ which includes pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants and people diagnosed by their health care provider to have a compromised immune system. Water bill rebates will be issued in February of next year for any time between July 1, 2022 and Dec. 30, 2022 where Woburn is determined to be non-compliant with state DEP drinking water standards for PFAS chemicals.

The subject of increasing concern in recent years, PFAS chemicals have been used for decades to manufacture various stain resistant and/or non-stick coatings on products. PFAS chemicals are also found in various firefighting foams, among other things.” …