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“BRIGHTON, MI — Jason Grostic is feeding cattle that he can’t sell. He’s growing grain that nobody will buy. In his words, the farm is ‘slowly but surely going bankrupt.’

Life was turned upside down for Grostic and his family in January when the state of Michigan issued an advisory for beef from his organic farm after testing found elevated levels of toxic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS in the meat they sell.

Now, Grostic is suing the company that released the pollutants, which made their way to his Livingston County farm through tainted municipal wastewater sludge spread as fertilizer.

On Aug. 12, Grostic filed a lawsuit against Tribar Manufacturing, an automotive supplier which came under significant fire this month for putting hexavalent chromium into the same wastewater system as its PFAS releases that, starting years ago, resulted in contamination of the Grostic farm, the Huron River and the city of Ann Arbor drinking water.

The lawsuit, assigned to Livingston County Judge Suzanne Geddis, seeks punitive damages which Grostic’s lawyers describe as ‘tens of millions.’ That’s what they say it would cost to remediate the farm’s soil and groundwater.” …