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“The town has provided bottled drinking water this week for residents near Kittery’s dump after the discovery of per and polyfluorinated (PFAS) chemical contamination in on-site test wells, where chemicals may have seeped into well systems and drinking water.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection last month said 10 Kittery home owners would be contacted for PFAS testing in their home wells after routine PFAS testing of three test wells at the Kittery Resource Recovery Facility showed the chemicals were present. A handful have already had their well systems tested by the state, but a few more residents need to have sampling conducted by the town.

Town Manager Kendra Amaral said Wednesday the Kittery Water District is open to discuss expanding its water line toward the area of concern as a possible long-term solution for residents with homes on Jewett Lane, Pettigrew Road and Wilson Road.

‘We’re obviously very concerned about this and we are taking every step we can to address the immediate issues as well as trying to make sure that the neighborhood is aware of what this means and that we’re looking to address it in the long term,’ she said Wednesday.

State Department of Environmental Protection officials told Kittery’s Town Council Monday night that preliminary PFAS testing showed one of the four residential home wells already tested by the agency contained chemical levels that could be harmful if ingested. The update given by the state department did not involve any questions or comments from town property owners.”…