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“The National Guard says it is moving at a ‘really quick pace’ to investigate toxic pollution at Truax Field, though it could take more than a decade to begin actual cleanup.

Testing of groundwater under the base has revealed fluorinated compounds known as PFAS at levels thousands of times above proposed state standards, but the federally-guided process requires years of study, planning and approval.

Used for decades in firefighting foam, the so-called ‘forever chemicals’ have been linked to illnesses including cancer and liver disease. PFAS have contaminated a municipal well about a mile from the airport, as well as in Starkweather Creek and Lake Monona, which are now under fish consumption advisories.

‘We just can’t jump to cleanup without getting the answers because then we might not be using our resources right,’ Myer told several dozen people at a public meeting Tuesday. ‘We’re doing our best. We are moving at a really quick pace to get this done.’

The Wisconsin National Guard has spent about $2 million so far on the investigation. Myer said the next phase is expected to cost almost $2 million more.”…