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“City of Dayton customers can now monitor how much of the toxins dubbed ‘forever chemicals’ are in their drinking water, as the data is posted online monthly.

The city is also one step closer to sampling its own water as opposed to sending it to outside labs for about $100,000 annually.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires all public water systems to test for the group of chemicals, known as PFAS, monthly and submit results to the state. The city has been meeting that requirement, and they share the results with water customers a few times a year or when warranted, said Mike Powell, director of the city water department.

However, Dayton recently changed that approach, deciding that it’s necessary to let customers know more frequently what’s in their drinking water, including the levels of the chemicals, he said. So whenever the city reports the PFAS levels to the Ohio EPA, the results automatically upload to the water department’s website, which has results from the past two years.

‘Anytime we can give customers information that helps them to see the level of effort and work that we put into making sure that we deliver to them the highest quality water, we’re more than happy to do that,’ Powell said…”