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“A bill that would outlaw the use of firefighting foam that contains a group of harmful chemicals was voted out of committee, and is awaiting a floor vote in the Ohio House of Representatives.

It’s not clear when House Bill 158 will go to the House floor, and its sponsor, State Rep. Brian Baldridge, R-Winchester, has not gotten confirmation that it’s been selected for the upcoming session calendar, his office said.

HB158 proposes that Ohio fire departments be required to find an alternative to firefighter foam containing the group of contaminants known as PFAS. The legislation also proposes that fire departments be limited to using PFAS-based firefighter foam only for testing if the facility at which it’s being used has a way to contain the chemical and prevent it from going into the environment.

Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Dayton, is expected to be added as a co-sponsor when the legislation goes to the House floor, he said.

‘We figured out (PFAS) are dangerous chemicals, and we’ve got some problems in our local wells because of it,’ Plummer said, explaining why he’s supporting the bill…”