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“‘IF you think not having answers for two-and-a-half weeks is a long time, wait until you’ve been asking for four-and-a-half years.’

This is the message to the Bundaberg community from Oakey resident Dianne Priddle.

Ms Priddle says she lives in “ground zero” for the Australian PFAS contamination…

‘We have been at the frontline from word go,’ Ms Priddle told the NewsMail.

‘It’s mentally and physically exhausting.’

Ms Priddle said authorities played a ‘language game’ when it came to giving answers.

‘There is inconsistency of language used between departments,’ she said.

‘No one wants to take responsibility.’

‘I think if we have to wait for answers to come, we will be dead.’

For four years the couple have been jumping through hoops asking the departments questions, to no avail.

Ms Priddle said Australia was trailing the rest of the world when it comes to understanding the chemical and the harm it can do.”

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