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“Delaware’s Department of Justice files a lawsuit against several chemical companies for their role in statewide PFAS contamination.

‘These are colloquially known as forever chemicals traceable to the use and disposal of AFFF products, a firefighting foam that is widely used, has been widely used, at airports and military bases including at New Castle County Airport and Dover Air Force Base,’ said Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings.

The lawsuit is the result of a two year investigation that included environmental sampling, forensic analysis, and reviews of corporate records.

The goal is to hold the companies named, including 3M, Tyco and 11 others, accountable for the damage the AFFF products they manufactured and/or distributed caused to the environment, including the contamination of rivers, streams, groundwater, soils, and wildlife, and to public health.

PFAS exposure is linked to several health conditions such as cancer.

The suit alleges the defendants were aware of the environmental and health risks caused by their products, with 3M reportedly concealing this information from the public as early as the 1960s.

Monetary damages are being sought, including the funds necessary to restore the state’s natural resources, and to support state-run public health programming.

Jennings says there are specialized PFAS filters already installed in several Delaware water utilities following past investigations.

‘These filters are tremendously expensive to install and the sampling processes that have to take place so we know where the pollution exists is also a tremendously expensive undertaking. And our Delaware taxpayers shouldn’t have to be paying for it – those responsible should,’ said Jennings.

The DOJ is encouraging Delawareans to test their water- especially those who use private wells.

And as part of the response to this new information discovered about the extent of the state’s PFAS contamination, the DOJ and State Senator Stephanie Hansen are launching a joint effort to have a law passed that would require health monitoring for individuals who may have been exposed to pollution caused by chemical companies in Delaware

Delaware previously reached a $50 million settlement with DuPont, Corteva and Chemours over their roles in PFAS contamination in 2021.”