From the PFAS Project Lab

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) has released its October Monthly Material Update. This update is PFAS-focused and shares resources for different communities, such as firefighters, physicians, and parents, impacted by PFAS and its numerous complexities. Funded by NIEHS, PFAS Research, Education, and Action for Community Health (PFAS-REACH) is featured as a comprehensive community resource. The PFAS-REACH Exchange Hub is a collaborative between Northeastern University, Michigan State University, and the Silent Spring Institute. PFAS-REACH has generated a number of resources for impacted communities, including fact sheets on PFAS exposure, health monitoring, and occupational concerns for firefighters, a compilation of resources for clinicians, and an interactive map of PFAS contamination in the United States. Read about PFAS-REACH and other important resources on PFAS here