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PFAS are a class of thousands of manufactured chemical compounds that are dangerous even at minimum exposure.

PFAS are found in air, water, and soil and can persist in humans and in the environment for decades. PFAS are present in many everyday products like waterproof jackets, food packaging, nonstick pans, and personal care products.

Mounting research links PFAS to a wide range of health problems including cancersharms to child development, and reduced fertility.

In 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a roadmap listing how it would curtail PFAS contamination in the United States. Earthjustice is tracking EPA’s promised actions as it pushes the agency to strongly regulate these dangerous chemicals.

The EPA must move faster and expand regulations to stop the approval of new PFAS chemicals, prevent pollution at the source, keep PFAS out of all environmental media, and ensure polluters pay for cleanup. This requires expeditious rulemakings and implementing the strongest possible protections.

Key commitments missing from EPA’s PFAS roadmap, include:

  1. Ending approval of new PFAS chemicals through the pre-manufacture notice (PMN) process and the full set of regulatory exemptions.
  2. Adopting a moratorium on incineration, at least until EPA has determined if there are safe protocols for incineration and if so, until EPA has codified those protocols into binding regulations.
  3. Regulating emissions of PFAS into air.
  4. Regulating discharges of PFAS into water from all industrial sources.
  5. Regulating PFAS as a class in all of EPA’s work.

Earthjustice is working to end PFAS pollution and remove toxic chemicals from our daily lives by fighting in court, working with Congress, and working with communities across the country.

See a summary and current status of EPA’s PFAS roadmap:”…