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“New legislation would require Maine’s water bottling companies to monitor for PFAS chemicals and label any PFAS contaminants in each bottle.

The Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony Friday on two bills that would add new regulations on companies such as Poland Spring.

One measure would require bottled water producers to test for several PFAS contaminants, and would prohibit the sale of any water with levels exceeding state and federal standards.

Another bill would mandate that companies add labels to their bottles indicating the water’s source and the level of PFAS contaminants inside.

Democratic Representative Lori Gramlich, who sponsored the labeling bill, says Maine consumers should feel confident that their drinking water is safe.

‘The public has a right to know that the bottled water they’re either choosing or needing to consume is free from the harmful chemicals. Free from PFAS,’ Gramlich said.

Liz Donohue, of Poland Spring’s parent company Blue Triton, says monitoring is already in place for PFAS.”…