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New research out of the University of North Carolina has uncovered that air pollution near the Chemours plant in Fayetteville has elevated levels of PFAS.

The research is likely the first of its kind to measure PFAS air pollution in this way, and it showed 12 different PFAS in elevated levels within a few kilometers of the plant.

The chemicals are manufactured for applications on numerous products, from non-stick pans to climbing ropes.

The UNC researchers said air contamination can get into soil and water when it rains, and contribute to contamination in the community.

Postdoctoral researcher Jiaqi Zhou, PhD said, ‘these results were not surprising, as fluoropolymer manufacturing facilities are major known sources of PFAS.’

High levels of PFAS exposure can harm reproductive and immune system health, cause developmental delays, and put people at risk for certain types of cancers.

‘Fluoropolymer manufacturing in Fayetteville is an environmental justice issue,’ said environmental sciences and engineering professor Barbara Turpin. ‘Many people of color live in the area, and high concentrations of PFAS pollution have been found in local well water, putting their health and livelihood at risk for years.'” …