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“HONOLULU — The Navy says there is no evidence of any drinking water contamination after a spill of about 1,100 gallons of fire suppressant at a fuel facility in Hawaii.

A cleanup is underway at the Red Hill fuel facility after the spill Tuesday of Aqueous Film Forming Foam, which is used to suppress fires caused by flammable liquids such as fuel and contain PFAS, a class of chemicals that are slow to degrade in the environment.

‘This is egregious,’ Kathleen Ho, a Hawaii environmental official, said in a news release. ‘AFFF contains PFAS forever chemicals — groundwater contamination could be devastating to our aquifer.’

Navy Capt. M.D. Sohaney, commander of Joint Base Pearl Harbor- Hickam, said in a letter posted on Facebook that there is no indication of drinking water contamination and that the nearest well is a mile away but no longer supplies drinking water. The nearest well for drinking water is about 6 miles away, Sohaney said.” …