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“MAINE, USA — Farmers, environmental advocacy groups, tribal leaders, and more are calling on state regulators to reject delaying a law that requires companies to report the use of PFAS in products sold in Maine. 

The law, LD 1503, approved in 2021, is supposed to go into effect this coming January. Dozens of companies in Maine and across the country said more time is needed to test their products, and have asked the state to push back the law until January 2024. 

The coalition consisting of Maine farms, wastewater treatment districts, tribal representatives, and more who are impacted by PFAS contamination sent a letter asking the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reject delaying the reporting requirements. 

The letter garnered 53 signatures, including 15 Maine-based environmental nonprofits, 28 farm businesses (including 5 PFAS-impacted farms), the Maine Water Environment Association, the Penobscot Nation Department of Natural Resources, religious leaders, and a retired bureau director for Maine DEP.

Environmental advocates said the delay would allow products with PFAS to remain on Maine shelves longer. 

‘We do feel that industry should have to be reporting by the starting day, this is not a surprise to them, this bill was passed nearly two years ago,’ Sarah Woodbury, the director of advocacy for the nonprofit Defend Our Health, said.” …