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“ROCKFORD, Mich. — Residents and activists in Northern Kent County are calling for more action to be done to clean up the Rogue River and surrounding areas of PFAS.

The activists invited local lawmakers on a listening tour in Rockford Wednesday. State Representative David LaGrand (D-Grand Rapids), and Rockford Mayor Ed Ross were among the group. 

‘We’re nowhere near the end,’ said Ross, talking about efforts to make sure all PFAS is gone from groundwater. 

The chemicals were fond in drinking water, as a result of an industrial leather treating process Wolverine Worldwide use at its Rockford tannery. It closed in 2009. The chemicals were made by company 3M to waterproof Wolverine’s shoes. 

‘I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago in my thyroid,’ said Sandy Wyn-Stelt, of Wolverine Citizens Action Group, ‘So, I recognize the impact.’

Wyn-Stelt knows all too well the health impacts of PFAS in water. In 2016, PFAS were found in some drinking water wells, leading to high levels of the chemical in people’s blood level.” …