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“RAYNHAM — In early August, more than half of the town’s residents were notified to take extra precautions with their drinking water after the Raynham Center Water District identified ‘elevated levels of PFAS chemicals found in testing results’ in one of its three treatment plants. 

PFAS, also known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or ‘forever chemicals,’ are man-made contaminants that are toxic, don’t degrade, spread fast and easily into water, soil, food and air and have been linked to a number of cancers, birth defects and conditions that weaken the immune system, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Selectman Joe Pacheco said since the announcement was made, ‘we’ve thoroughly discussed and communicated our plans for the town’s water supply.’ 

Roughly 60% of residents are affected and were notified about the PFAS, specifically those who receive their water from the John P. Lynn Treatment Plant, which had higher test levels than the other two treatment plants in the district.

Between the time residents were told in August to when the water district came up with a treatment plan in mid-September, folks took to Facebook.” …