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“A well serving Union residents connected to the public drinking water system has been taken offline after tests showed high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, often called forever chemicals.

The well operated for a total of 19 days in 2022, and was not used in 2021 or 2020, according to Maine Water Co., which provides water to towns across Maine, including the 100 connections in Union. The well served residents prior to 2020.

Maine Water does not know the source of the PFAS contamination for the groundwater well on Depot Street, which is one of several wells that serve the community in Knox County, spokesperson Dan Meaney said. It is used during peak demand in the summer and was in service between July 22 and Aug. 9 this year.

On Aug. 17, samples collected from the Depot Street well and three other wells that supply the water system showed that only the Depot Street well had detectable levels of PFAS.

At 154 parts per trillion, the results far exceeded the state’s interim standard of 20 parts per trillion for PFAS in drinking water. As of Aug. 9, public water in Union is only coming from sources that had no detectable levels of PFAS, Meaney said.” …