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“Jamie White drives twice a week to pick up bottled water from the same chemical plant that has made her well water undrinkable. She says life at her ‘forever home’ in Hope Mills, North Carolina, has become a never ending nightmare.

‘We have to survive from a one-gallon jug,’ White said. ‘It’s insane that we are forced to live this way.’

She’s one of thousands in North Carolina with drinking water that contains toxic ‘forever chemicals,’ that have been leeching from the Fayetteville Works chemical plant for decades.

‘They’ve put not just me at risk, but my children and my grandchildren,’ White said. She suspects birth defects in her family are a result of the tainted water.

There are thousands of compounds that are considered forever chemicals, a nickname for per and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS). There is growing evidence that exposure to some types of PFAS could lead to adverse health outcomes, including birth defects and cancer.” …