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… “The Tews are like many families near the plant, which sits near the Cumberland-Bladen county line. In 2017, it was revealed that chemicals from the plant contaminated the Cape Fear River with the PFAS compound GenX. In 2019, Wilmington, Del.-based Chemours agreed to a consent order that resulted in a $12 million fine to address harm to private drinking water wells along the coast. As part of the order, the company agreed to take measures to curb the pollution from its plant and provide a remedy for those with contaminated wells.

The Tews said that Chemours delivered bottled water to their home shortly after the test results, but the supply of clean water ran dry in a few weeks. They called Chemours’ contamination hotline and were promised more bottled water and a debit card in the mail to purchase water, but weeks went by and neither showed up, they said.

‘All we drink is water; we’re not really soda-drinkers,’ Dawson Tew said. ‘I just feel like the burden has been put on us, and I don’t think this is something we should have to handle.’

They called again, and an operator for the company told them for a second time that it could take up to a month for the debit card to arrive. That was six months ago now.

The Tews have since been hydrating with water from a tainted tap.

‘We’re not supposed to drink it, but we’re out of water,’ Katie Tew said.” …