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“Forever chemicals are tainting Kentucky fish. 

Kentucky’s Energy and Environment Cabinet released a study Friday that found the same kinds of chemicals used in Teflon pans in every single fish sampled in lakes and streams across the state. Researchers collected and tested fish including large and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, bluegill and sunfish. 

‘As other states wrestle with these same issues, our agency thought it important to make these results known to the public so that they could make healthy choices when eating locally caught fish,’ said Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman. 

The cabinet has undertaken an expansive, statewide testing regime since 2019 to understand how these chemicals are impacting the environment. They’ve found them practically everywhere they’ve looked. 

The chemicals have already been found throughout the Ohio River, in every major Kentucky watershed, and at unsafe levels in at least 38 drinking water systems.” …