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“Delaware officials updated a list of sites where they are testing for so-called forever chemicals, naming 15 locations where aquifers supplying public water systems are being sampled for the toxic substances.

The sites include Red Clay Calf Run in New Castle County, Dover Air Force Base in Kent County, and Bayside at Selbyville in Sussex County. The list of sites also includes the Sussex County town of Blades where earlier testing of source water found a high PFAS content that was removed after treatment, according to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

At each site, scientists are looking for chemicals including PFOA and PFOS, two of the most common kinds of PFAS which number in the thousands in total. PFAS are subject to increasingly strict regulations across the country amid gathering evidence of their links to serious illnesses including some cancers, immune and developmental problems, and elevated cholesterol.

The state is due to release overall results by the end of the year but any communities where the chemicals are found at levels that exceed local or national health standards are expected to be notified right away.” …