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“Tests have detected a so-called ‘forever chemical,’ a class of hazardous substances that can remain in the environment for generations, in the water of Spring Hollow reservoir in Roanoke County.

Although the results were not unexpected — PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals, are believed to the present worldwide in air, water, soil and living organisms — it was the first and so far only confirmation for the Western Virginia Water Authority, which operates Spring Hollow.

‘This stuff is pretty much ubiquitous in the environment right now,’ said Michael McEvoy, executive director of the authority.

Last year, as part of a statewide study by the Virginia Department of Health, tests at Spring Hollow found HFPO-DA, or hexafluoropropylene oxide dimmer acid, at levels of 51 and 57 parts per trillion.

In June, well after the water authority learned of the tests, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a new health advisory for levels of HFPO-DA, also known as GenX, above 10 parts per trillion.

The amount of GenX in Spring Hollow was the highest concentration of a forever chemical found in 45 public water sources that were part of the statewide tests, according to a 2021 Department of Health report to the General Assembly, which required the study in 2020.” …