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“This is neat chemistry, but it is not a potential solution to the health, environment or fairness dimensions of any real PFAS problem.

One oft-repeated statement is absolutely over the top: “The simple technique potentially could be a powerful solution for finally disposing of these harmful chemicals, which are linked to many dangerous health effects in humans, livestock and the environment.”

Why? The environment is already totally unacceptably contaminated with PFAS and will be for decades even if not another PFAS molecule is ever sold again. You would have to be able to apply this new process with prior PFAS concentration to oceans, lakes and rivers just for starters to have a “powerful solution,” and this is a ludicrous thought.

The only viable solution to PFAS pollution is to stop making virtually all, and perhaps all, PFAS compounds. If this was to happen, the environment would slowly compartmentalize its forever PFAS burdens in safer havens, such as by burying in silt layers over time dead animals that have bioconcentrated PFAS during their lives.” …