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“The inter-agency council of Wisconsin state government working to respond to the prevalence of cancer-causing chemicals in the state’s water released its 2022 progress report on Thursday, which shows some progress has been made but the state is still working to improve its ability to track and find sources of contamination. 

The family of 5,000 chemical compounds, known as PFAS, comes from a variety of household and industrial products, including non-stick pans and foam used to fight fires at airports. Known as ‘forever chemicals,’ PFAS don’t easily break down in nature or the human body and have been found at 30 sites across Wisconsin since 2013.

The 2022 Action Plan Progress Report shows what the state has accomplished in instituting recommendations made by the Wisconsin PFAS Action Council in December of 2020. The 2020 report included 25 recommendations covering eight topics — standards, sampling, pollution prevention, education and communication, research and knowledge, phase-out, future investments and historic discharges.” …