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“Efforts by industry groups to challenge EPA advisories for “forever chemicals” are ramping up even as experts sound the alarm over a wide range of health risks posed by the toxic substances.

The powerful American Chemistry Council announced over the weekend that it had filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit over EPA’s interim lifetime health advisories for two PFAS. Those advisories, for the notorious cancer-linked chemicals PFOA and PFOS, list dramatically low levels in drinking water as being safe for human consumption.

Announced last month, the advisories are nonbinding and it is unusual for such moves to generate legal pushback. EPA has stated that the advisories will likely change based on expert feedback and are only interim thresholds meant to safeguard the public in the meantime. But ACC asserted that the levels will have ‘sweeping implications for policies at the state and federal levels,’ presenting a major threat for industry members.” …