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“Several Indiana community water systems may now have to address ‘forever chemical’ contamination after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency updated its drinking water lifetime health advisory for four PFAS chemicals.

The EPA issued new interim drinking water lifetime health advisories for the PFAS chemicals PFOA and PFOS of .004 parts per trillion and .02 parts per trillion, respectively. The agency also established a 10-parts-per-trillion advisory for GenX chemicals and 2,000 parts per trillion for PFBS.

The new advisories replace more lenient lifetime health advisories of 70 parts per trillion for PFOA and PFOS issued during the Obama administration.

Community water systems around the state that were previously tested for PFAS chemicals and found to have safe levels of the chemicals could now have to reckon with the possibility of having to pay for expensive treatment options to protect their customers’ health.” …