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“The Department of Natural Resources is asking all water systems to begin reporting detectable ‘forever chemical’ contaminations in drinking water, under new federal guidelines with limits far lower than the state’s standards. 

In a statement Friday, the agency said that systems should also start thinking about next steps when lower levels of contamination are discovered. ‘It is also recommended that they work with the DNR to determine if additional sampling is warranted and assess voluntary actions that could reduce PFAS exposure to customers,’ the email said. 

The agency is still reviewing the science used by the Environmental Protection Agency to develop the new health action limits but is still recommending that communities use them to inform their customers of what is in their drinking water. 

Although actions on the EPA limits aren’t required, the department is supporting them. 

‘The DNR supports these recommendations and will work with any water system that reaches out to coordinate on following these recommendations,’ said Sarah Hoye, the communications director for the department.” …