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“HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a warning that two nonstick and stain-resistant compounds found in drinking water are more dangerous than previously thought.

Those chemicals have been found in the Tennessee River and led to some major problems for local water departments.

‘Tennessee Riverkeeper applauds the EPA for issuing such strict guidelines on drinking water, but they’re just guidelines. We need enforceable regulations for contaminated land and for drinking water standards,’ said David Whiteside, founder of the Tennessee Riverkeeper.

On June 15, the EPA issued interim updated drinking water advisories for two types of PFAS, or per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, compounds known as PFOA and PFOS. These chemicals are also called forever chemicals.

Since the 1940s, these chemicals have been used in consumer products, including nonstick frying pans, stain-resistant rugs, and cosmetics, according to the Environment Working Group (EWG).

‘These chemicals have a lot of interesting product properties for consumer goods. But unfortunately, they have very negative health impacts for human health and for citizens,’ said Whiteside.” …