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“KRONENWETTER, Wis. (WSAW) – The village of Kronenwetter is waiting to see how Rothschild handles its PFAS contamination found in its wells to determine if it should move forward with purchasing water from the village.

The villages came to an agreement to have Kronenwetter purchase water from Rothschild as Kronenwetter’s population increases, increasing the demand for water on its two wells. Kronenwetter began building its connector to Rothschild’s water system this spring and planned to begin purchasing water this summer.

However, Rothschild discovered it had some elevated levels of PFAS in some of its wells. It attempted to mitigate the levels, which floated just above the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ recommended health limit of 20 parts per trillion. Those efforts only made a small dent and levels have since gone up slightly as the village put one of the wells it shut down back online due to the higher, summer demand for water.” …