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“Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of thousands of chemicals found in everything from floss, to makeup, to frying pans, to clothes — and the list goes on. 

Numerous studies have been published documenting the harmful health and environmental impacts of these chemicals, especially in water systems.

But no federal agency currently enforces PFAS regulations for drinking water, although several states have enacted local policies.

Meanwhile, reforms aimed at phasing out certain PFAS from U.S. production processes have resulted in companies substituting lesser-known — and sometimes understudied — chemicals that might be just as dangerous, researchers warn. 

A disjointed approach to regulation, the myriad health problems associated with exposure, lack of public information on private production practices and limited communications from health agencies combined can easily lead to confusion in the average consumer. 

Here are some common questions about PFAS and their answers based on research and interviews with experts.” …