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“PFAS are toxic chemicals that are called ‘forever chemicals,’ meaning if they enter the water, or your body, they’re hard to get rid of.

Found in everyday items, they can get into water supplies and cause health issues ranging from cancer to kidney issues.

Rensselaer County residents in Hoosick Falls joined a multi-million dollar lawsuit, suing the company responsible for contamination there. In the city of Newburgh, people are pushing for answers, and clean water for their community.

If you’re not a scientist, it’s not easy to make sense of the 44-page report regarding a Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) study on exposure to PFAS chemicals for Newburgh residents.  

‘ATSDR (the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) found that the levels of one particular PFAS compound called PFHxS were three times higher than the national average in the participants in the Orange County PFAS exposure assessment,’ said Peter Kowalski, team lead for the Exposures investigation team.

But on Wednesday, the scientists that worked on the study were all ears, waiting to answer any questions residents had about PFAS chemicals in their community.” …