Kevin Ferrara is a US Air Force veteran and owner and consultant for Agile Fire Service Organization (AFSO) 21, LLC. In addition to consulting, he hosts AFSO21’s Weekend Wrap-up Podcast, discussing firefighter health and safety issues including occupational cancer and PFAS exposure among firefighters. His most recent episode provides the Weekend Wrap-up audience with a recap of his presentation at the 2022 PFAS Conference. During the conference, presenters were allotted only 10-minutes to speak, so Kevin thought it would beneficial to recap his presentation and go more in depth to what his message was for conference attendees. You can find the episode on YouTube or by searching “AFSO21’s Weekend Wrap-up Podcast” on other podcast streaming platforms.

More about Kevin’s work:

Kevin provides administrative leadership and management consultation on identifying, developing, implementing, and maintaining strategies and techniques critical to operate and sustain career and volunteer fire protection and emergency service organizations. While serving in the US Air Force, Kevin received and provided in-depth training while attaining higher education and professional credentials that supported his senior fire officer roles at military installations around the world as well as receiving accolades from national and international governmental and fire service organizations. He was directly responsible for developing several US Air Force programs, policies, and budgets that improved support operations; most notably an Emergency Response Capability (ERC) assessment tool still used by the USAF today. Kevin delivers agile fire protection and emergency service consultation to career, volunteer, and administrative organizations around the world.