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“PFAS are a class of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment, and they should be eliminated from the products that come into our homes and workplaces whenever possible, especially when the products spend significant times in our homes or on our person. In addition, the manufacture, use, and disposal of products containing PFAS can result in water pollution. PFAS has contaminated the drinking water of millions of Americans across the country, including in New York (federal monitoring data show contamination of NY public water systems serving over 1.8 million people). Communities with PFAS-contaminated water face high costs for remediation and cleanup.

That’s why NY has previously acted to eliminate PFAS in firefighting foam and paper-based food packaging. It’s time to take the next step and eliminate other unnecessary uses of PFAS.

Assemblymember Zebrowski has introduced a bill (bill number pending) that would phase out PFAS in a number of product categories where PFAS are not needed: outdoor apparel and textiles, water and stain resistance treatments for fabrics, rugs, cookware, ski wax, paint, and cleaning products. The legislature should take swift action to pass this and other bills phasing out PFAS, such as the bills covering personal care products and everyday apparel.”…