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“More than half of children’s car seats tested for toxic flame retardants and PFAS contain the dangerous substances, a new report in the US has found.

The analysis, conducted by the Ecology Center, an environmental and consumer advocacy group, also found all car seats costing under $100 contained either PFAS or flame retardant, which means lower-income children are more likely to be exposed.

Meanwhile, there is ‘no evidence’ the nation’s flammability standards have prevented car seat deaths over the last 50 years, the Ecology Center wrote in its report.

‘Many car seat companies are creating a hazardous exposure problem to follow a broken regulation,’ it added.

The study checked more than 600 components on 25 seats manufactured by popular brands in the US and EU, like Graco, Baby Trend and Evenflo.

Phosphorus- and bromine-containing flame retardants are linked to developmental disorders, cancer, endocrine disruption, diabetes and other serious issues. PFAS, or per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a class of about 9,000 compounds often used to make products water-, stain- and grease-resistant. The chemicals are linked to cancer, thyroid disease, liver problems, decreased immunity, high cholesterol and more. They are known as ‘forever chemicals’ due to their longevity in the environment.

The substances can be breathed in or ingested as they break off from the materials that they are applied to, and can also be absorbed by the skin.

Overall, 55% of the 22 US seats contained phosphorus-based flame retardant in the upholstery, and nine also contained bromine in the upholstery or foam.”…