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“OLYMPIA, WA—Today, the Washington State legislature sent a bill to Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s desk that steps up action on PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ in products such as raincoats, apparel, and firefighter personal protective equipment. 

HB 1694, sponsored by Rep. Liz Berry (D-Seattle), speeds up the timeline for restricting PFAS in products. The bill now moves to Gov. Inslee’s desk for signature before becoming law.

Statement from Laurie Valeriano, executive director, Toxic-Free Future:

‘A bipartisan majority supports ending the use of toxic PFAS in products leading to contamination of breast milk, drinking water, and firefighters. This bill keeps Washington at the forefront of tackling PFAS pollution and sends a clear message to chemical manufacturers and companies using these dangerous chemicals that they must phase them out. Safer solutions are available, and we need a fast transition to reverse the trend of PFAS building up in people and the environment. We thank Representatives Berry and Fitzgibbon and Senators Das and Lovelett for their leadership and urge the Governor to sign this legislation.’

Statement from Representative Liz Berry (D-Seattle):

‘PFAS chemicals are toxic and pervasive and threaten the health and safety of every plant, animal, and human that calls our state home. Without this legislative fix, it could have taken until 2030 to see these harmful products banned. This is an important step toward a healthier future for us all.'”…