Read the full press release by Monica Amarelo here (Environmental Working Group)

“WASHINGTON – The U.S. Geological Survey has detected the toxic ‘forever chemicals‘ known as PFAS in public and private drinking water wells in 16 Eastern states.

USGS announced the findings in a new study designed to assess the contamination of five aquifers that are important sources of drinking water. PFAS were detected in public and private drinking water wells in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

The study detected 14 different PFAS, and most frequently found PFOA, PFOS and PFBS, some of the most notorious and well-studied PFAS.

USGS took 254 samples and found PFAS in 60 percent of wells serving public water systems. It found PFAS in 20 percent of wells serving individual households. Water was most likely to be contaminated with PFAS if the aquifer was newly filled, or the well was near a fire training site or urban area or had increased organic material.

At least one type of PFAS was detected in 54 percent of the samples, and two or more PFAS were found in 47 percent of the samples.

In addition to PFOA and PFOS, the most common PFAS detected include PFBS, PFHxS, PFHpA, PFNA, PFBA, PFPeA, and PFHxA.”…