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“CITY OF NEWBURGH – Researchers are looking for 500 adults and 150 children in Newburgh who have been exposed to a family of toxic ‘forever’ chemicals called PFAS so they can study how exposure could affect a person’s health.

Random Newburgh residents will receive invitations in the mail to take part in this study conducted by the state Department of Health and the University at Albany’s School of Public Health. They will be asked to do a telephone interview discussing their general health, answer a questionnaire and give blood samples at a local clinic.

Kyle Conway, vice president of the Newburgh-Highland Falls NAACP, has been in the community encouraging people to take part in the study.

‘If people have this in their system, it can force local, state and federal governments to really address their needs,’ Conway said. ‘Especially since it was the government that indirectly poisoned the people.'”…