Read the full article by Tina Traster (Rockland County Business Journal)

“Rockland residents are filled with concern over unsafe levels of chemicals known as PFAS in the drinking water. PFAS are chemicals used in everything from plastics to firefighting foam and linked to health issues like high blood pressure and cancer. While the federal limit for these chemicals is 70 parts per trillion, last summer the New York  tightened the limit to 10 parts per trillion.

For more than three decades, environmental professionals have turned to York Analytical Laboratories, Inc. of Nyack for water testing in the tri-state region. But now, York Analytical has bought Aqua Environmental Lab, Inc. in Newton, CT for an undisclosed amount to absorb the demand for water quality testing to homeowners.

‘The water contamination issue has snowballed,’ said Michael J. Beckerich, president and CEO of York Analytical. ‘Forever chemicals, known as PFAS, are a crisis in Rockland and Westchester counties. We have never before dealt with so much demand from homeowners who want their water tested.’

Additionally, Beckerich says water testing is becoming a concern for the residential realtor community. Certified water analysis is required for sale or transfer of residential or business properties, while drinking water permits are mandated for businesses serving the public.

‘We are providing education to realtors about PFAS,’ said York’s CEO. ‘As people move from the city, they continue to hear about issues with the water. Realtors need to be up on resources for getting drinking water tested.'”…