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“At the end of 2021, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) published a report regarding its findings and recommendations for residents in certain areas of Southern New Hampshire with respect to PFAS located found in private wells in the area. Significantly, the ATSDR made comments several times regarding PFAS in products that could act as a source of further PFAS exposure to citizens in the area. The comments are one of the first public comments made by a federal agency that specifies types of consumer goods that may contribute to elevated PFAS levels in humans. We have predicted for some time that PFAS products liability lawsuits will occur in the next few years in ever-increasing numbers. The ATSDR’s latest report, and the statements therein, provide some foundation for these future lawsuits. Consumer goods companies with PFAS concerns must take the time now to assess the scope of the issue and properly adjust business practices as necessary to mitigate risk.


The ATSDR report’s primary purpose is to examine the scope of potential health effects to residents in Southern New Hampshire due to PFAS-contaminated well water. Much of the report is spent detailing the history of contamination of the wells and the scope of the issue that exists today.”…