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“Wisconsin is grappling with contamination caused by PFAS, the so-called forever chemicals. The artificial product has been uncorroborated into many products, from firefighting foam to non-stick cookware and fast food packaging.

As of Dec. 29, the Department of Natural Resources reported 92 contamination sites.

The year 2021 brought steps toward regulating two of the estimated 9,000-plus PFAS.

In the meantime, communities dealing with contamination don’t know when they will have a safe, sustainable drinking water source.

The Town of Peshtigo and neighboring Marinette’s struggle first shed light on the complexity and severity of PFAS contamination in the state.

Last spring, Jeff Lamont showed WUWM’s Susan Bence the stream he played in as a child decades ago. It’s just off the shore of Green Bay in the Town of Peshtigo.

‘We would spear northern pike in this creek right here. This is one of the creeks that had over 3,000 parts per trillion of PFAS going directly out into the bay,’ Lamont said.”…