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“Town of Peshtigo Chairperson Cindy Boyle participated in an interview with researchers Wednesday as part of a Northeastern University study that looks into community responses around per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) contamination.

The study will examine the role of laypeople, doctors, academics and government agencies in the discovery of PFAS. It is part of a larger project funded by the National Science Foundation that seeks to understand how various stakeholders attempt to implement actions to restrict PFAS use and mitigate PFAS contamination. Dr. Phil Brown of Northeastern University and Dr. Alissa Cordner of Whitman College are co-directing the research study.

According to Brown, the study will include qualitative interviews with about 120 individuals across the nation who live in communities that have experienced PFAS contamination. Thus far, the team has conducted about 50 of these interviews.

The research team selected potential participants based on site information from Northeastern University’s PFAS Project Lab PFAS Contamination Site Tracker which, according to the website, records quantitative and qualitative data from contamination sites to foster public understanding of PFAS issues. Brown also said the team is selecting participants with the goal of covering a wide geographic and demographic spread that includes both industrial and military sources of PFAS.”…