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“Just two months after Naval Air Station Whiting Field announced that three Santa Rosa County private wells near the base tested positive for excessive amounts of a toxic chemical formerly used by base firefighters, the Navy announced that it found at least eight additional wells in the area that tested positive for the substance.

In a press release issued Thursday, NAS Whiting Field said its ongoing efforts to test personal wells for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (commonly referred to as PFAS) resulted in a total of 11 residences that were found to have excessive amounts of the chemical in the water that residents use to drink, bathe and clean their homes. 

‘The numbers are coming in kind of fast, it’s a process every week and there are new test results that come in,’ said Julie Ziegenhorn, public affairs officer for NAS Whiting Field, on Friday. ‘There have been nine exceedances found so far around Whiting Field, and another two were at Barin (Naval Outlying Field in Foley, Alabama), and I believe there’s one more that just came in, so I believe there are three at Barin.'”…